Apropos Velominati og Rule #7. Mr. Velominati himself Frank Strack drøfter på side 68 i Cyclist #21 denne regelen og konkluderer følgende:
"Let's get back to the core of #7 for a moment, because I'm confusing myself, Rule #7 talks about keeping the lines as crisp as possible. It says nothing about beeing ghostly white on the rest of your body. That may well be the Velominatus' Aesthetic Ideal, but it is not the part of the rule. Basically all we need to do is counter every hour in the sun off the bike with the same number of hours riding in the sun.Whatever tan you gain will be overlaid by an equal tan gained on the bike, a classic win-win situation."
Og vips var denne regelen forankret i fornuft og livet slik det leves i praksis ;-)

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